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WOW! The Kitchen Never Looked Brighter!

IMG_20160306_105950_(1).jpgThis past week we had the exciting opportunity to attend the National Housewares and Home Show in Chicago. Considered the pre-eminent  marketplace show for its industry in North America (and one of the best  globally), it attracts over 60,000 attendees and over 2,000 vendor exhibitors from 40 countries around the world. 

The key theme at the show: colour, colour, and more colour!! 

The growth of the international exhibitor presence has led to an incredibly exciting explosion of colour and style at the show. It has been a pleasure to watch this trend flourish over the past few years.


Gone are the days when food preparation was a mundane, utilitarian daily “chore” in the kitchen. Today, the industry has discovered the perfect consumer “recipe” for success: one cup of sleek European styling, two tablespoons of vibrant colour, combined with a dash of smart technology. These ingredients have transformed the kitchen into a space defined as an exciting place to congregate and have fun, while exploring and creating so many culinary expressions. It has been a monumental lifestyle shift, and one that has been overdue for such a long time.


Congratulations to the industry for an incredibly inspiring exhibition in Chicago. Any and all retailers who embrace the trends we witnessed, will, without question, enjoy great results as colourful as the products we found on the floors of the show.

Tony Whitehouse & Bruce Winder

Co-Founders & Partners, Retail Advisors Network™