Our Services - Retail Advisors Network

Who We Serve & How We Serve Them



Value Proposition

Our value proposition is built on three key pillars:

  1. Experienced Advisors – beyond us, an experienced network of seasoned professional advisors are drawn in as needed.

  2. Practical Solutions – a pragmatic, consumer centric, hands-on approach to data collection and analysis as well as strategic and tactical recommendations.

  3. Superior Value – our low overhead, fiscally responsible approach to project management brings tremendous ROI to our clients.


What We Embrace

Our culture is founded on the following key principles:

  1. The consumer comes first and is at the centre of our analysis and recommendations. From this we do not waiver.

  2. We are directly engaged and involved in the project from beginning to end.  We don’t delegate to inexperienced support staff.

  3. Fiscally, we manage within a low overhead environment allowing us to offer extremely competitive rates which drives significant ROI to the client. However, quality is never compromised.

  4. Beyond our core expertise, our connectivity to subject matter advisors across a vast network of professionals brings tremendous nimbleness and flexibility to any size and scope of project.