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New Era of Retail Freelance Consulting Emerges!

Logo_for_Blog_Jan_11_16.jpgWe are incredibly excited to announce the launch of Retail Advisors Network™ web site, a unique and vibrant eco-system of highly talented and specialized freelance contractors (we call them advisors) bringing creative, practical and affordable solutions to retailers and consumer product vendors who serve retail.

Our network spans all key disciplines on both sides of the retail and retail vendor community, resulting in the strongest relationship bridge being built between these two entities. This highly experienced, low overhead business model provides professional and practical business solutions at very affordable rates, driving maximum ROI. 


  • Broadly based network of highly experienced, professional advisors who undergo a rigid vetting process to ensure their skills and methodology bring best-in-class solutions to the forefront, at an affordable cost.
  • Unlike high overhead traditional retail consulting firms, who often delegate to less experienced associates, our seasoned advisors are hands-on from beginning to end of the project.
  • Visit our website at to learn more about our services and inquire about our free consultations.


  • We offer an exciting and fulfilling opportunity for you to use your proven experience within the retail industry and bring creative, leading edge solutions to world-class clients.
  • Our progressive business model provides a flexible and motivating work environment. 
  • Unlike other firms, due to our low overhead business model, our advisors retain the vast majority of client fees.
  • Visit our website at to learn more about applying to become an advisor.

In this increasingly complex and challenging retail environment the timing of our launch could not have been more appropriate as we commit to bringing incredible value toward the execution of powerful business solutions.  

Visit us today at :

Tony Whitehouse and Bruce Winder, Co-Founders and Partners