Retail Advisors Network™ Marketplace - FAQs

Marketplace FAQs

Q1: How much does it cost to join the marketplace?

A1: It is FREE to join for both retailers/vendors and freelancers/contractors.  We take a 5% technology fee from freelancer/contractor payment when they get a contract through our site. That is how we stay in business and offer you this service. Compare this with other marketplaces that take up to 20% or charge monthly or yearly subscription fees.  Also compare this with 3rd party recruiting agencies or consulting firms that mark you up anywhere between 20-50 % + and force down your hourly rate to make room for their margins. We want our advisors to keep the vast majority of the hourly rate for the project at hand.

Q2: Can I do other things on the side if I join?  

A2: Yes, this is a non-exclusive arrangement. Freelancers/contractors are expected to have other engagements with clients outside of this marketplace. You can work part-time, work full-time, etc. and have other gigs on the side.

Q3: What if I am part of a company. Can I still join as a freelancer/contractor under my company name?

A3: Yes. If you are a small (1-5 person) consulting firm, marketing or digital agency or service provider or the like you can join under your company name.  Come up with an overall company hourly rate as your rate shown to clients.  Remember you need to use our site though for all billing for clients found on the marketplace. Also, the freelancer/contractor will have to insure that the hiring company does not present a competitive conflict of interest with the ‎company that the freelancer currently works for.

Q4: What if I get a full-time job with one of the clients I met on the site while I am freelancing? Is that OK?

A4: Yes. We anticipate that some of our advisors will be offered full-time positions once their contract is complete.  No problem. If you want to do some freelancing later in your life we welcome you back then!

Q5: I completed my profile but still do not appear on the main page directory.  How do I get seen?

A5: Once you complete your profile you need to add a service listing (see top right corner of main page). Once the listing is complete you will appear on the main page and be visible to clients.

Q6: I only see 10 categories (Merchandising, Marketing, etc). Where are the sub-categories?

A6: If you enter the site and click on each of the categories you will see several detailed sub-categories that appear to help refine classification and search.

Q7: Is this site only for managers?

A7: No. It is designed to be used by all levels of retail personnel(store, field and corporate), merchandise supplier personnel, as well as industry service providers.

Q8: How do I collect taxes for my services?

A8: You need to build in all taxes and other government remittances in your hourly rate and then subtract them yourself for your own records from your total payment from clients.  Unfortunately we are not able to break out taxes separately at this point in time.

Q9: Is this the final version of the site?

A9: No. We launched in Beta form to prove the concept and based on feedback from retailers/suppliers and freelancers/contractors will be looking to make changes to enhance the user experience in the future.