Contingency Cost Savings Model

We also offer a contingency cost savings model. We call this service "zero risk cost savings".

We have a collective 60 years experience in retail, procurement and supply chain and have saved organizations tens of millions of dollars in cost over our careers at Canadian Tire, Loblaw, HBC, Sears, TJX, Big Lots and more.
We work with companies to target suppliers and service providers to intelligently look for cost savings that go right to your bottom line.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     We do not charge ANY hourly fees for our services, placing ZERO expense risk on our valued client. ONLY IF we find approved cost savings then we apply a commission rate of 15 % on first year accrued savings. 
Recently we assisted a company achieve in excess of $2.5 Million in annualized acquisition and supply chain savings with their contracted vendor base. 
We can lower your expense base and drive margins, cash and valuations for your investors.
We are happy to have an exploratory call at your convenience.