An Open Letter to all Retail Freelancers & Contractors! - Retail Advisors Network

An Open Letter to all Retail Freelancers & Contractors !


RE: Launch of NEW Retail Advisors Network™ Marketplace             

Dear Retail Freelancer/Contractor,

The retail industry is enormous, served by thousands of retailers of all sizes, as well as exponentially more merchandise suppliers and manufacturers.  

In addition, the industry is under tremendous change and evolution as this sector of the economy tries to right size itself and prepare for continued growth of the on line shopping movement. 

What does all this mean?

Corporate recruiters in the industry are building the most nimble and flexible human resource strategies as possible, opening the door to explosive growth potential in the hiring of freelance and contract resources. Our marketplace was established to be the most affordable and effective catalyst in bringing corporate recruiters and freelancers together, exclusively serving the retail and merchandise supplier industry.

Since our inception in 2015, we have been laying the ground work for our fully automated retail freelancer/contractor marketplace as a way of bringing retailers, retail suppliers and others together with skilled and motivated contract workers to add value on both sides.  We reached out to several retailers in September and they were very positive toward the concept overall and the potential to save on 3rd party recruiting fees for freelance/contract positions by using a site like ours.

Therefore, we are happy to announce that Retail Advisors Network™ Marketplace ( is now available in BETA form and is FREE to join.   

We are currently “stocking the store” with qualified retail freelancers and contractors (we call you “Advisors”) before launching to retailers and suppliers (we call them “Clients”) sometime in Q1 2017 so join now!


Clients - eliminate recruiter fees and site posting fees, save time searching for Advisors and filling out contracts. Hire trusted Advisors based on ratings and reviews. Keep your workforce flexible!

Advisors - find more freelance/contract jobs easier. Save time filling out contracts and chasing payment cheques.  Build your reputation in the market!


Just sign up and build your profile and listing with your services if you are an Advisor or your listing with a contract job posting if you are a Client.

Profile Example


Advisor Listing Example


Client Job Listing Example


All listings are categorized by each retail specific discipline.  Just search under category and sub-category headings or through our search engine to find the right contract advisor/job.


Communicate with each other with our internal message system and have a call to get to know each other and confirm details of the contract position.  


No need to spend countless hours filling out and editing contracts as we have a standard “independent contractor agreement” built into our terms! Just use our message system to confirm additional details regarding deliverables, rate, hours, payment frequency and more.


Then use our transaction system (integrated with PayPal) to make an offer, make a deposit and pay weekly or as often as both parties agree to.  Clients release payment as deliverables or hours are completed.


When the transaction is complete use our ratings and reviews system to build trust and build your reputation within the marketplace.


If you have any questions regarding Retail Advisors Network™ Marketplace see our “terms of use” and more detailed “how it works” sections of our website. If you still have questions email us at:

Hope to see you on the marketplace soon! Tell a colleague too! The sooner we stock the store the sooner we can promote the site to retailers and suppliers.

Best Regards,

Tony & Bruce

Co-Founders & Partners

Retail Advisors Network™

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